5 Tips on Planning Post-Pandemic Vacations

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5 Tips on Planning Post-Pandemic Vacations

After an entire year of living the same day over and over, many of us are finally ready to whip out our suitcases and hit the road. Taking a vacation is more important than ever since nearly half of U.S. workers experienced mental health issues since the pandemic began. But are you feeling guilty about taking this time-out for YOU? You are not alone. Many Americans have the common fear that taking time off means they could be judged or passed over for a promotion. Even worse, it can be hard to play catch-up once you’ve returned. 

Planning Your Post-Pandemic Vacations

We’ve all been through a lot, most of us quarantined and working from home during the pandemic. If you’re like many people, you’re itching for a change of scenery and could use a getaway. Yet for many, leaving the house for the first time in months is bringing about some extra stress. Here is a guide to help you plan some post-pandemic fun: 

  1. Create a travel notebook. Get started by researching your dream destinations and saving photos and blogs you can refer to. Using something as simple as the Apple Notebook app can be helpful and super easy to use.
  2. Get those documents in order! Make sure you have your vaccination card handy, or at least have it as an image. Not vaccinated? Plan to get tested. Simply traveling to Hawaii requires uploading documents and filling out questionnaires before even heading to the airport. Not sure what is required? Contact the airline or hotel for up-to-date information. You can also research your destination’s department of health website.
  3. Build your itinerary. Seasoned travelers know that planning ahead ensures every day of your trip will be worth it. Best advice is to not over plan. A good rule of thumb is to have an adventure day, then a chill day, and keep that pattern going. This will leave your chill days as open days to either relax, split off into different groups, or find a last-minute excursion.
  4. Wear a mask and take more than you think you need. Whatever your personal stance on wearing masks, it’s a good idea to wear one when traveling through all busy places, such as airports and train stations. With some countries now enforcing the wearing of masks as required in certain places, you’ll want to take more masks than you think you’ll need – they’re easily lost, and you might even be able to help someone in need.
  5. Enjoy! Get out there and have some (safe) fun! Try to remember to jot down some of your favorite memories in your notes and capture them lifetime.

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