Create Your Financial Goals for 2021!

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The time has come to start thinking about your goals and plans for next year. Given what we’ve all gone through in 2020, we think planning ahead for 2021 is pretty important! If you’re interested in speaking to someone about your financial concerns, contact Aspen Creek Financial today. Our fiduciary financial advisors are dedicated to putting our clients first!

2021 Financial Checklist

  1. Create a Budget

    Creating a budget and keeping track of spending allows you have more control of your finances. Sticking to your budget can help you increase net worth over time and help you feel more prepared. If you need ideas on good, easy to use, budgeting tools, contact one of our experienced advisors!

  2. Build an Emergency Fund

    An emergency fund helps you prepare for the unexpected. And let’s be honest, there’s been a lot of that lately. Set aside 3-6 months of essential living expenses to avoid going into further debt. Make sure your emergency fund is working for you too! Check bankrate.com for top savings account rates.

  3. Review Insurance Coverage

    Reviewing your insurance coverages annually gives you the chance to make sure your coverage still fits your needs. Are you overpaying for insurance? Did you move and need to update your home insurance? Do you have a life insurance policy?

  4. Optimize your Portfolio

    Maximize your returns and minimize financial risk by staying on top of your investment portfolio. Create a strategy and adjust as needed. Do you have more risk exposure than necessary? Don’t forget to consider your taxes!

  5. Create an Estate Plan

    An estate plan isn’t just for the wealthy. Updating or preparing your will or trust, reviewing beneficiaries, and appointing a trusted power of attorney can save time and heartache for your loved ones.

Ready to Turn your Resolutions into Reality?

Managing your finances in today’s unpredictable world can be stressful. If you find yourself wondering if you’re making the right decisions for your future, maybe it’s time to take control of your finances by consulting an experienced financial advisor. Our number one goal is to reduce your anxiety and help you lay out solid strategies to achieve financial security.

Free Ebook Chapter!

How to create a Worry-Free Retirement

Retiring Without Risk(RWR) is both a book and a philosophy by which our firm gives advice to clients. Our philosophy is to help clients reach their financial, estate, and tax-planning goals in the least risky manner possible with the least amount of taxes paid while living and upon death. Download your free chapter now.


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