Tax Planning Services in Folsom, CA

Every financial plan should include measures to ensure that individual, investment, or business decisions work together to minimize your tax liability. This process is known as tax efficiency and it should be an essential part of any investor’s financial plan.

When you work with a fiduciary tax planning company like Aspen Creek Financial, you can rest assured that your best interests are our priority. Our tax planning services in Folsom focus on reducing your federal income tax liability using a wide variety of tax strategies and tools.

What Is Tax Planning?

The answer to this question depends on who you ask. Consider how these professionals might view tax planning differently:

CPA / Accountant / EA

For tax professionals such as CPAs, accountants, and EAs, tax planning generally means filing tax returns and sending tax bills to their clients. While some accountants recommend a SEP IRA or SIMPLE plan, that’s typically where their tax planning strategies end.


Along the same lines, an attorney’s tax planning services only focus on creating living trusts for their clients to help them claim estate tax exemptions.

Financial planners

Most financial advisors’ idea of tax planning is enrolling their clients in 401(k) plans to reduce taxes while planning for retirement.

At Aspen Creek Financial in Folsom, we believe our clients deserve a more comprehensive tax planning service that considers the tax implications of all their financial decisions.

Why Are Tax Planning Services Important?

While it’s true the law requires us all to pay taxes, tax planning services enable you to minimize taxes and maximize profits in a way that is both legal and advisable. In other words, sound tax planning can help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

As you likely know, the tax code is complex. At Aspen Creek Financial, our professionals in Folsom are experts in IRS and state tax regulations so you don’t have to be. We can help you minimize your tax obligation by all legitimate and legal means.

Essential Tax Planning Tools

Every day we use a variety of wealth-building and tax-reducing tools to achieve tax efficiency within your financial plan, such as:

Correct corporate structure, Captive Insurance Companies, FLPs, “Freeze” Partnerships, Retirement Life (a tax-free wealth-building tool), Roth IRA and 401(k) Plans, Section 79 Plans, Equity Harvesting, 401(k) Plans, New Comparability Profit Sharing Plans, Defined Benefit Plans, 412(e)3 Defined Benefit Plans (and carve out plans), 401(h) Plans, Cash Balance Plans, ESOPs, Charitable Remainder Trusts, Charitable Gift Annuities, Family Foundations, Intentionally Defective Grantor Trusts, Long-Term Care Insurance, HSAs, Corporate Structure, Single Premium Life Insurance (with LTC rider), Roth IRA Conversions, etc.

We can’t stress it enough: If you’re working with a firm that doesn’t know these tools and how to use them as part of a comprehensive financial plan, you’re not getting the service you deserve.

In other words, you are likely overpaying in income taxes and capital gains taxes and your heirs will likely overpay in estate taxes when the time comes.

The Folsom-based professionals at Aspen Creek Financial take pride in understanding all the tax planning tools at their disposal to help clients achieve tax efficiency.

Take the Next Step

The sooner you optimize a complete tax planning strategy, the sooner you can begin minimizing your federal income tax liability. Protecting your money from the number one guaranteed creditor, the Internal Revenue Service requires you to be proactive, not reactive. We invite you to begin maximizing your tax savings now by getting help from the experienced tax planning advisors at Aspen Creek Financial in Folsom, CA.

You likely have questions, and we want to help. Let us give you the information you need to take advantage of the best options for yourself and your legacy. We’d like to show you how small changes in your tax plan can reduce your tax liability.

Please contact us now to request your free consultation for expert tax planning services in Folsom, CA.

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