Guaranteed Returns with Income for Life

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Guaranteed Returns with Income for Life

The concept of using tools to provide a guaranteed lifetime income stream is more important than ever in a time when the stock market has been down 46% (2000-2002) and 59% (2007-March 2009).

Thank you for your interest in the 7% return (accumulation value) FIA product that is coupled with a guaranteed lifetime income you can never outlive.

We understand clients are worried about running out of money in retirement and for many clients, the answer to this problem will be using a Fixed Indexed Annuity with guaranteed income for life benefit.

To learn about one particular product that returns a compounded 7% for the “accumulation value”(which is more fully explained in the presentation),  please watch the video presentation below.

8% return (accumulation value) FIA product

With this unique product, your initial account balance using a $100,000 deposit would be $110,000.  In 10-years, the guaranteed account balance used to calculate your guaranteed annual lifetime income stream would be$216,387, and in 20-years the account balance for income purpose would be $425,665).

To request information on an FIA that returns 8% return (for up to 20-years) coupled with a lifetime income you can never outlive (that also has a 10% upfront premium bonus), please contact us at admin@aspencreekfinancial.com or 888-937-1937.

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