Let Your Money Work for You

To say 2020 is an unpredictable year is a colossal understatement. With so much uncertainty in the world, how can you feel safe investing your money?

Usually, in times like these, CDs are a safe place to put your money but with interest rates so low, so are the CD returns. Have you seen the returns on CDs lately? Currently, the highest return on a 3-year CD on Bankrate.com is only 1.5%.

Sure, 1.5% is better than nothing, but you can do better. A lot better.

Our no-fee, multi-year guaranteed annuity (MYGA) offers investors 2.35% or 3.25% interest on 3-year and 5-year terms respectively.

This is what we call “lazy money.” In other words, if you have funds you don’t need to access for the next 3 to 5 years, why not grow your money in a multi-year guaranteed annuity. Putting your “lazy money” to work for you in a multi-year guaranteed annuity is a strategic move worth considering.

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    Lazy Money Strategies

    Why should you invest your lazy money in a multi-year guaranteed annuity? The reasons are many but here are the top three:

    • Safety: Multi-year guaranteed annuities are generally considered a much safer investment option than variable and indexed annuities. That’s because the returns for the latter two annuities are tied to stock market performance while multi-year guaranteed annuities are not. In these unprecedented times, a multi-year guaranteed annuity offers the safety smart investors are looking for.
    • Tax-Friendly: The interest you earn is tax-deferred so you won’t owe taxes on your positive investment return until you start taking distributions.
    • Flexibility: A MYGA offers flexibility. For instance, you may be able to take partial withdrawals yearly without incurring a penalty.
    • You can even purchase a multi-year guaranteed annuity with qualified or non-qualified funds. If you purchase a qualified annuity through an individual retirement account (IRA) or another tax-advantaged account, you must pay income tax on the principle and interest whenever you make a withdrawal. By contrast, if you purchase a non-qualified annuity, the interest is taxable but the principle is not.

    Investment Options with Guarantees

    The economy is wreaking havoc on investors looking for investment options with guarantees. At Aspen Creek Financial, we’re working hard to deliver the best rates and investment options for our clients. We recognize that investors like you may have “lazy money” you want to grow without putting it at-risk.

    Our multi-year guaranteed annuity is the gold standard.  Our 3-year term earns an annuity of 2.35% while the 5-year term earns 3.25%. Now that’s putting your lazy money to work for you.

    Why us?

    Aspen Creek Financial is a fiduciary financial company, which means we must act in your best interest, even if it means we won’t earn money on an investment we recommend. We act in our client’s best interest, not because we are required to, but because we believe in doing the right thing.

    Our team has extensive knowledge in a wide variety of financial concepts, and we can help you with all your personal or business planning needs. Contact us to make your money work for you today!

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