Mark C. Southon

Mark C. Southon

Mark C. Southon
Financial Advisor

Mark began his financial services career in 2000 advising clients on how to maximize their claim settlements while at the same time reducing their tax liability. Since those early years of building relationships and serving clients, Mark’s journey in the financial services industry has taught him three important and transformational lessons – 1) listen to your clients louder than you speak; 2) help and serve clients the way you’d like to be served; and 3) retiring well requires hard work, transparency, and creativity on the part of the client and the advisor. Using these lessons and a proven set of financial strategies, Mark enjoys helping clients plan for a fulfilling retirement, replacing financial uncertainty with memorable moments involving family, excessive amounts of laughing, and great food, in that order.

Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Utah and a master’s degree in international business from Saint Mary’s College of California. As a strong advocate for seniors, Mark has worked with the AARP and the U.S. Senate Aging Committee on developing strategies to stop financial crimes against seniors.

When Mark isn’t serving clients, he enjoys spending time with his wife and children. It doesn’t matter what they’re doing. He just enjoys being around them – and loves knowing that they feel the same way.

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