Mark C. Southon

Mark C. Southon

Mark C. Southon
Financial Advisor

Mark Southon is a seasoned executive with over 20 years of diversified accounting, internal audit, risk management, and consulting experience – serving both public and private companies. He brings a wealth of experience in building highly effective teams, talent development, business transformation, accounting, data analysis, and board reporting. As a strong advocate for designing effective and sustainable systems of internal control, Mark has also been called on to lead critical business functions in accounting and operations, with the specific goals of remediating material weaknesses, transforming business operations, and improving employee engagement.

Currently, Mark serves as the Director of Risk Management for Blackhawk Network, a financial technology company. Specific responsibilities include assessing the effectiveness of anti-fraud controls across multiple product lines and countries, conducting international fraud and financial crime investigations with the FBI, Homeland Security and local law enforcement agencies, performing daily transaction monitoring, compliance with anti-money laundering and fraud regulations, and board reporting.

Prior leadership roles within in the financial lifecycle domain include the Head of Business Architecture, the Head of Billing and Payment Operations, the Head of Financial Systems and Controls, and the Head of Internal Audit. Notable accomplishments across each of these roles, resulting in meaningful and measurable transformation, include the implementation and maintenance of Sarbanes-Oxley compliance programs, building an international audit and risk management team from the ground up, the implementation of large scale and multi-year internal control optimization programs, and the design of core financial and operational administration systems. Taken together, these accomplishments resulted in improved internal control environments and millions of dollars of annual recurring expense savings.

Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Utah and a master’s degree in international business from Saint Mary’s College of California. Mark is also a Certified Internal Auditor and a Certified Information Systems Auditor. As a subject matter expert in accounting and internal control, he served on the board of advisors for an internal control study commissioned by the Institute of Management Accountants titled The COSO 1992 Control Framework and Management Reporting on Internal Control. He also worked with the Institute of Internal Auditors to develop professional standards for IT audit and security practitioners, commonly referred to as GAIT, a Guide to Assessing IT Risk.

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