Peace of Mind Planning

“Peace Of Mind” Planning

POM-140Losing Money is No Longer an Option. I wrote this book to educate readers on multiple topics so after reading they could take steps to truly be positioned to have “Peace of Mind” when it comes to protecting and growing wealth. In various chapters of this book I explain how to protect your assets from creditors, avoid bad advisors, pay off your mortgage early, reduce your income taxes, and literally retire without risk.

Why The Average Investor Fails

Avoid buying high and selling low

Did you know that the average investor over the last 20-years has generated returns that are 48% lower than the S&P 500 stock index? How do you avoid earning returns like the average investors? Read Chapter 3 of this book wherein I explain why the average investor does so poorly. 

  • Mutual Funds and Index Funds – Learn why neither can protect money when the market crashes
  • Stock Market Risk – The average person takes 70-80% more risk than is necessary to achieve their investment goals
  • High Net Worth Investment Strategies  – Learn about strategies that have earned more than double the S&P 500 with a similar or lower amount of risk
  • Bad Advisors  – Learn how identify and avoid bad advisors (financial planners, insurance agents, CPAs, attorneys, etc.)
  • Asset Protection – pom-book22I guarantee your assets are not properly protected from creditors and I will show you how to do so in my book.
  • Taxes – Learn how to grow wealth without capital gain or income taxes.
  • Guaranteed Returns/Guaranteed Income – Learn how you can earn a guaranteed return of between 5%-7% a year coupled with a guaranteed income for life.
  • Home Equity Acceleration – Learn how to pay off your home mortgage 5, 10, 15+ yeas early with plan that won’t require you to change your lifestyle.

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